Single point load cell Virtual VLC134 prueba


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Capacities: 3 Kg to 100 Kg

Made with aluminum.

This Single point load cell Virtual VLC134 made with aluminum is summarized in a compact unit capable of handling capacities about 3 kg to 100 kg, in turn shed readings accurate enough and fast, with no need to provide a previous balance the load on platform.

Like most products Virtual, this Single point load cell VLC134, has a special coating and tightness in product, giving like other models, security of internal components, avoiding contact with environmental factors that may obstruct good performance. Similarly, it makes it a product capable of being deployed abroad for different purposes.

Single point load cell  Virtual VLC134 is suitable to carry out certain applications, such as those of a single point, for scales of platforms, conveyor belt, bench scales, check weighing scales Hopper or any other specific activity where it involves weighing and a copy is required with this feature, either commercially or industrial capacity.

Like this, many products that yield accurate successfully results in relation to heavy weighing system, for all our products have the seal of quality and long history that characterizes us is. We offer similar products that provide same precision you require.

Please contact our staff responsible for timely advice and quotations of products you require, attention is pleasant, efficient and very professional. Ample time for your queries that are also completely free, in order to help grow your industry or company, giving solution to any problems that are related in this area.

Single point load cell Virtual VLC134 specifications:

Single point load cell Virtual VLC134 dimensions:

In what applications you can implement this Single ended load cell Virtual VLC134?

Overall Single ended load cell Virtual VLC134 miniature assures each our users quality, stability as applications that are related for activities which involved these load cells compression, but as every tool from our catalogs, this valuable Single point load cell Virtual VLC134 miniature was also designed for meet very specific applications as:

  • Single point platform scale.
  • Belt Conveyor
  • Bench Scales.
  • Check weighing
  • Hopper scales .

Replacements 100% compatibles with Single point load cell Virtual VLC134.

We have many load cells capable of replacing perfection this Single point load cell Virtual VLC134 weighing because they have similar and appropriate features that provide efficiently same results as this model  Single point load cell Virtual VLC134 plus immediate availability  product in order provide the best and most attention, between  hours  your choice. Contact us now!

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Here you will find the best load cell, all models  all brands, are highly efficient and long-lasting products because reserve best materials just for you. All our load cells Sentronik are guaranteed.

We are obsessed with  quality! Load cells you will find here have been previously tested on our laboratories, innovative reliable cells. We have: load cells only point, double load cells supportr, load cells S-type , compression load cell, many cells more.

We work to suit your needs! Provide free advice for you to build  weighing system that best suits, all load cell your need, treat each case in particular, we are a proactive team with a mission achieve your satisfaction. We offer you any cell you need, if we don’t have it, we build it just for you.

Single ended load cell Virtual VLC134 are one  the best on the market this days.What are you waiting for ?


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Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 9 × 10 in