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Pallet Jack Scales Fairbanks 5950 Series


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Product Description

Pallet Jack Scales Fairbanks 5950 Series

Pallet Jacket Fairbanks 5950 Series enables you to weigh on the go, on almost any lift truck, eliminating wasted time and effort and increasing your profits more accurate product tracking.

Ease of operation

In one operation on Pallet Jacket Fairbanks 5950 Series you can weigh, move and track materials. You get instant weight readings as soon as the forks are raised. You can also quickly check and tally shipments as you work.

Fast, Accurate, and Safe

The Pallet Jacket Fairbanks 5950 Series instruments gives you immediate, accurate reading as soon as a load is lifted. It even correctly weighs loads at various fork length and width positions. These scales are also designed with safety in mind. Your view is not obstructed by the scale, giving your clear visibility of yout load.

Durable Construction

Fairbanks’ 5950 Series can withstand the punishing environments found in many industrial settings, from scrap yards, to foundries to shipping docks.

Pallet Jack Scales Fairbanks 5950 Series Specifications

Pallet Jack Scales Fairbanks 5950 Series Specifications

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