Floor Scale Digiweigh Dw-5500f

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Floor Scale Digiweigh Dwp-5000f

Floor Scale Digiweigh Dw-5500

Floor Scale Digiweigh Dw-5500f is a professional floor scales designed for industrial or shipping use. Standard 4 x 4 foot platform and a high quality indicator with battery. With counting and tare function.
Optional ramp for DigiWeigh floor/pallet scale. Ramp Size: 48″ x 40″ x 3.5″ on Floor Scale Digiweigh Dw-5500f.

Floor Scale Digiweigh Dw-5500f Product features:

  • Four high quality alloy load cells ensures accuracy in full capacity range.
  • Standard 4½ x 4½ size.
  • High weighing capacity 11000lbs.
  • 0.25 ½ deck plate with lifting eyes, well painted.
  • High quality indicator with battery.
  • LB/KG selectable.
  • Tare function covers unit ½s full capacity range.
  • With counting function.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery.
  • 15 ½ cable for indicator.
  • Optional Ramp available.

Floor Scale Digiweigh Dw-5500f Product specifications:

Floor Scale DigiWeigh Dw-5500f

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