Bending beam load cell HBM Z6


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Bending beam load cell HBM Z6 is made with stainless steel material highly resistant material, especially for implementation in corrosive environments. These load cells have special coating, ideal protection every internal component that is disposed within the piece, also represent circuital configuration that gives life these load cells. This Bending beam load cell HBM Z6 is a core component at many industrial scales. Has a quick and easy installation, also handle medium capacity combines precision, accuracy and stability. In general, all Bending beam load cell HBM Z6 strain gage technology used are very attractive for their price, long life precision. Additionally, they stand out little space required for installation.

HBM offers load cells with different accuracy classes C3, C6 C3MR. These load cells meet very specific specifications with regard for several factors that are vital quality of measurement result. For example, linearity and temperature dependence.

Bending beam load cell HBM Z6 Cell material: stainless steel.

Highs capabilities: 5-200 Kg.

Why we build Bending beam load cell HBM Z6 with “Stainless Steel”?

Bending beam load cells are constructed with stainless steel, its because especially were designed with purpose of being implemented on applications where these will be exposed conditions or corrosive environments, so this material is considered most robust and resistant to Bending beam load cell HBM Z6.

Stainless steel is a type of steel but with greater corrosion resistance, since this element is alloyed with other materials such as chromium, which by its chemical composition maintain high affinity for oxygen, so its react together creating one passivation layer preventing the corrosion of iron

Important assembly maximize Bending beam load cell HBM Z6 time!

As this Bending beam load cell HBM Z6, we also have a number of additional tools, such as assemblies, made with stainless steel, in order for provide a complete weighing system durability and corrosion resistance.

Why use shielded cables on implementing this Bending beam load cell HBM Z6? Because we safeguard the most of our cells!

Its important the role using shielded cables, for this resource is provided with a coating or a metal tube, prevent noise engage and other interference, either from outside environment towards cable or vice versa. That is, this type of cable provides additional and timely entire weighing system security, especially for Bending beam load cell HBM Z6.

Capacity Bending beam load cell HBM Z6:

These load cells, manufactured and assembled by HBM, Bending beam load cell HBM Z6 is designed to support capabilities that range from 5 to 200 kg, in turn provide readings accurate quantities, as it has exceptional accuracy (class precision OIML R60)

Where implement Bending beam load cell HBM Z6 bar type and for what?

Its ideal for deployment in applications bascule on base table and tilt providing the same manner, precise, accurate results. These load cells are characteristic for their quick and easy assembly and installation, as its performed directly on platforms where we proceed to implementation for launch this product. This issue is an essential tool that makes complex systems where required weighing meet at industrial applications kind. Addition, its able to operate perfectly and provide optimum performance in adverse environments production.

When my Bending beam load cell HBM Z6 works? Cells high performance!

Bending beam load cell HBM Z6, has a mechanism of action or immediate operation, previously load cell is properly installed at platform or tilts, the load on put into it, then the weighing system take care to transform the mechanical energy exerted on it to electricity, thus requiring accurate quick read. Its preferable to direct implementation in low-profile platforms simplifies the construction of floor scales, weigh bars, and hanging scales.

Can I replace this Bending beam load cell HBM Z6 ?

Like the vast majority of our load cells, we have replacements 100% compatible, since each models presented below have similar characteristics that make tools capable of providing precise, accurate readings where margin of error usually negligible. These include: Z6FD1, Z6FC3, Z6FC4, Z6FC6; with different accuracy classes to C6

Bending beam load cell HBM Z6 Additional Features:

  • Welded metal bellows
  • Load cells and mounting accessories completely in stainless steel
  • In accordance with OIML R60 up to 6,000 divisions
  • Six-wire circuit
  • Optimized for parallel connection by presetting the corners
  • Meets EMC / ESD requirements according to EN 45501
  • Optional explosion proof version according to ATEX95
  • Rated load: 5 kg / 10 kg / 20 kg / 30 kg / 50 kg / 100 kg / 200 kg / 500 kg / 1 t
  • Accuracy class: D1, C3, C4, C6
  • Precix C6, Approvals: OIML, NTEP, Ex, GOS
  • Protection class: EMC approved
  • Material: Stainless Steel

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Bending beam load cell HBM Z6 are one of the best on the market this days.What are you waiting for ?


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