Accesories for 2500 flash series Fairbanks PLC


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Accesories for 2500 flash series Fairbanks PLC

The Accessories for 2500 flash series Fairbanks PLC interface cards are economical, versatile cards designed for easy programming and maintenance when used with certain models of Fairbanks’ 2500.

Flexible interfacing a Accessories for 2500 flash series Fairbanks with a PLC interface gives you one instrument with the ability to choose from four of the leading fieldbuses, including Profibus, ControlNet, DeviceNet and Modbus Plus. Simply plug in the interface you need and go.


The Accesories for 2500 flash series Fairbanks PLC with Intalogix® Technology provide higher resolution than a standard analog system. What this means to you is a more accurate weighing system. Through digital isolation of each load cell, enhanced diagnostic capabilities are possible — ensuring that your system is weighing correctly at all times.

Should a failure occur, an error message will be sent along the fieldbus with an ID number of the bad load cell. The PLC can be programmed to look for this error code. If it’s detected, the PLC can sound an alarm and/or stop the process that it’s currently running — saving you both valuable time and money

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Accessories for 2500 flash series Fairbanks PLC are one of the best on the market this days. What are you waiting for ?


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