Weight Indicator

Weight Indicator

As anyone can infer a Weight Indicator is a device that gives a reading related to a weighing measuring process. This device allows the user to know the values of the weight being measured. From a technical point of view, it consists of a configuration of electronic components that receive an electrical signal from an external source and transform it into visual information, as a result the information can be read on a screen. Today, the vast majority of these devices are based on microprocessors, consequently they exhibit fast response and great accuracy.

Weight Indicator Technical Description

The Weight Indicator is a rectangular box that can be manufactured in a wide variety of materials from Plastic to Stainless Steel depending on the final application purpose. The device has a LED screen or an LCD screen to show the information of interest: the value of weight of some particular material or body in study. It also has a keypad with different buttons and controllers for configurations of modes and others operation options. The device has a panel for the connection of the weight sensors from which it receives the weight information signal. This panel is generally located on the back of the instrument.

Some aspect about the Weight Indicator has to be clearly understood: this device is just a mean to know the value of a quantity (in this case weight) being measured by an external sensor and send to it via an electronic configuration. These weight sensors interacting with the Weight Indicator are called load cells. Together (load cell and weight indicator), form what is called a weight transducer.

TheWeight Indicator is a part of a wide variety of weighing measuring devices. It finds use in platform scales, tank and hopper scales, and in any situation where load cells are present. These devices offer also the possibility of remote readings, therefore, they can meet harsh environment industrial applications.

Among the principal characteristics of a typical commercial Weight Indicator we can name the following:

  • Change of Weight Units (various units options)
  • Weigh Alarms and Different Colors Weight Classifications
  • Audible Alert
  • Adjustable Display
  • Interface Ports
  • Ready Print Formats
  • Capacity to Storage Operation Data
  • Digital Keyboard Calibration

Some of these devices can also featuring in special or custom cases the following characteristics.

  • NTEP certificates
  • Printer Included
  • NEMA certificates
  • Ingress Protection certificates
  • Mounting base

The amount of load cells that a Weight Indicator can handle, as well as the input and output characteristics vary from a manufacturer to another. These and other characteristics can also vary from one model to another. It is also understandable that the static characteristics of the Weight Indicator: Accuracy, Repeatability, Resolution and Linearity, to name a few, vary from a manufacturer to another and from a model to another.

Another thing to consider is that these devices are a very important component in any modern weighing system, hence their application is especially relevant in advanced automation systems where transmission of information and data exchange are present.

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