Weight Batch Controller

Weight Batch Controller

A Weight Batch Controller is an electronic device that finds use on industrial applications to monitor and control batching activities. The device can do this by acting directly upon the amounts of material or ingredients required to prepare one specific batch. In other words, a Weight Batch Controller is an essential component on every process control system, and although their technology seems quite complex and impressive, their operation principle is very logic and very easy to understand.

As said before, the fundamental task of a Weight Batch Controller is to constantly monitor all the materials that need to be added to a specific mix or recipe. This monitoring activity involves the dosing rate of the materials, and the quantities, among other parameters.

Weight Batch Controller Operation

The Weight Batch Controller uses load cells to determine the amount of materials being added to the process. These load cells send the weight information via an electronic configuration to the device. The device analyzes this information and quantifies the amount of material by means of the weight signals received. Then, if the device is a part of a fully automated system, it will actuate directly on the process to reduce or increase the amount of product or material in order to meet the recipes or specifications set by the operator in charge of the system.

This action of the Weight Batch Controller on the system is made by the opening or closing of electrical valves or any other electro-mechanical system that can regulate the flow of material. In a general case, the user can monitor manually the Batching Process based on the information displayed in the Weight Batch Controller.

As anyone can appreciate, the Weight Batch Controller is only a component of a major system, but is a fact that it is one of the most important components of such system.

Among the common features in a standard commercial Weight Batch-Controller we can name the following:

  • The capacity to store various components or ingredients as well as various recipes and flow activities data.
  • Selectable batch parameters.
  • Stand alone or PLC operation, as well as other automated configurations.
  • Auto and manual calibration.
  • Recipe and sequencing memories
  • Manipulation of the operation speed and continuity.
  • Parameters display (total Batch, particular weights, and flow, among others).
  • Automatic or Manual Batch Control
  • Low or High Flow Alarms while Batching
  • The option of program and control with a remote PC.
  • Emergency shutdown.

The Weight Batch Controller are available in a wide variety of options. In the market there are many manufacturers that offer different products with different capacities and price ranges. All the aspects of any measuring instruments are applicable to these devices.

This means that aspects like: accuracy, resolution, non-linearity, and hysteresis, to name a few, are of fundamental consideration when it comes to selecting and even operating these devices. The overall capacity of a Weight Batch Controller will depend on other aspects and components that integrate the automation system.

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