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LW Measurements LLC is a manufacturer of specialized balances and scales for personal, business and industrial activities. It counts with a variety of weighing instruments, such as shipping scales, bench scales, floor scales, digital weigh indicators, kitchen scales, counting scales, washdown scales and laboraty balances.

LW Measurements LLC, has designed and manufactured weighing products for 25 years, serving the weighing markets and working in the research of innovative technologies to satisfy the customers. Our Tree Scales are anything but difficult to utilize and you can show your estimations in Metric or Imperial units. In the event that you are searching for a brilliant scale at a sensible value, Tree® scales is the brand to go for it., offers support and advice completely free! In addition to post-purchase attention.

We can find for you what you re looking for. Please, send us an email with the product you are looking for. We have ALL BRANDS and ALL MODELS.

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