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Our history.

The history of a successful family business.

Working with the same subject matter since 1840, seca is dedicated to providing high-precision, timeless modern scales and measuring systems. You could also say that we have excessive aspirations, attempting to come as close to perfection as possible everyday. For over 175 years, we are simply passionate about our work.

It is therefore not a coincidence that we have been the market leader in our field for several years. We feel good making the world a little bit healthier and everyday we take small steps progressing toward big groundbreaking developments.

Seca may not have been here today if a brave pioneer had not had the courage to believe in his own idea in 1840 before many imitators then came along later.
We have been at your side from the very beginning and that is very exciting, we look forward to continuing to move ahead with you through life. There is no end in sight…


Your seca team


The birth of the market leader.

From the right sense for great success.

Today the ambitious young metalworker A.C.C. Joachims would have been an apprentice with distinction.

His employer was the monk and mechanic Alois Quintenz who had already invented the decimal scale in Strasbourg in 1821. The clever apprentice acquired the necessary knowledge from him and brought it to Hamburg. There Joachims founded Germany’s first scale factory on July 11th, 1840. He primarily produced weigh bridges, decimal scales, Roberval balances, and column scales that he sold all over the world. A small factory developed out of the metalwork shop whose luster faded when Joachims died in 1874.


The takeover by the current family of entrepreneurs.

Seca spreads its wings.

Things picked up again with a young businessman.

The mechanical engineer Frederik Vogel bought the scale factory in 1888, expanded the product range, and introduced the brand name “seca” which he had copyrighted in 1897. The name is derived from the Latin word “secare” meaning “to cut.” Why? Because one cut plays an important role in the measuring accuracy of a mechanical scale.


Nice recognition.

Seca receives the design award.

Inside and out: seca products are proud to show what they are made of.

These efforts were rewarded with the special award for exceptionally groundbreaking design. The seca 664 wheelchair scale was honored with the “red dot design award: intelligent design” by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen.


The fourth generation.

Seca remains the market leader.

Since Sönke Vogel stepped down from the area of operations into the advisory board in 2010, seca has now been run by the fourth generation.

The company is now in the hands of his sons Robert Vogel (CEO Marketing & Sales) and Frederik Vogel (CEO Development & ManufacMturing). Thomas Wessels is CEO Finance & Services. seca thereby remains a 100% family-owned company – and market leader.


Our company’s 175th anniversary.

The fine art of medical precision.

Seca celebrates its 175th anniversary.

When the talented locksmith A.C.C. Joachims founded a scale business in Hamburg in 1840 he had no way of knowing that his enterprise would still be operating 175 years later. As an owner-operated company that is now in its fourth generation, seca is established as a global player in over 110 countries and has expanded its position as a world market leader in the field of medical measuring and weighing. The story of our success is therefore surely not over yet and there are still many successful chapters in seca’s history yet to be written.


Present worldwide.

With Seca into the future.

Seca has been perfecting the skill of developing innovative weighing technologies and combining them with practice-oriented functions since 1940 and has become the worldwide market leader in the field of medical measuring and weighing.

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