Mechanical Scales

Mechanical Scales

Scales is an instrument That mass Measures of a body or chemical, using comparison as force of gravity Means acting on the body.

As for Mechanical scales, they are used, for example, to conduct research and analysis in laboratories and may also appear in middle of teaching (when a chemistry class is taught, to mention one exponent this type of use), mainly because its ideal for demonstration of use, accuracy and way of handling measuring model itself. Also, this type scale is helpful when you want to perform weight measurements in situ. This type of measurement weight is one that relates a fixed place of obtaining weight, because it comes from a Latin expression meaning “in same place”

Most common Mechanical scales are:

Spring scales:

Their operation based on a mechanical property of the springs, which that force exerted by a spring is proportional to the spring constant spring [k] multiplied by telongation thereof [x] [F = kx].

Scales sliding weight:

It has two known masses that can be moved on-a macro scales with a mechanical graduation and other with a micro graduation; placing a substance unknown mass on tray, its weight determined by sliding the masses on scales mentioned until equilibrium position is obtained.

. Scales upper plate:

This type scales has a pan load placed on top, which is supported by a column which held upright by two pairs of guides have flexible couplings. This effect force produced by mass, is transmitted from one point of vertical column either directly or by some mechanism to the load cell.

Scales Replacement:

Its a combination single dish. Its placed on mechanical weighing plate an unknown mass scaled by removing, side counterweight masses known magnitude, using a mechanical cam system until an equilibrium position reached. The fulcrum generally offset relative to length of the load beam and placed near front scales.

When a mass on mechanical weighing plate placed and scales of the locking mechanism released, movement of load beam projected by an optical system located at a front instrument display.

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