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Ishida is a Japanese multinational company which manufactures food packing machinery. It has been in business since 1893 and remains a privately owned family business. It invented the multihead weigher and today its product range includes weighing, packing and inspection equipment and entire packing line solutions for food and non-food industries.

Ishida began manufacturing weighing scales in 1893 under authorization of Japan’s first weights and measures license. In 1948 the company was founded under the name Ishida Scales Mfg. Co. Ltd. by Otokichi II Ishida. In 1972 it invented the multihead weigher and first exported it in 1978. In 1985, the first international subsidiary, Ishida Europe, was founded, followed by subsidiaries in Brazil, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Canada, Korea and India. In 1993 the Company was renamed Ishida. On 19 May 2010, the position of president saw its fourth handover to Takahide Ishida from his father Ryuichi Ishida.

Ishida today manufactures entire line solutions for food packing. With installations worldwide of 35,000 units, it remains the world brand leader in multihead weighers. Its range now includes screw feeder weighers and fresh food weighers for sticky and oily products. Ishida also manufactures cut-gate weighers, for granules and powders, machines for separating stacks of food trays (denesters), tray sealers, snack food bagmakers and other packaging line equipment such as conveyors and gantries. Inspection equipment includes checkweighers, X-ray systems, seal testers and vision systems. Ishida also produces software for packing line efficiency optimisation. It remains a manufacturer of scales for retail outlets.

The first subsidiary company was the UK based Ishida Europe in 1985, which currently operates as the European headquarters. The Americas are served by subsidiaries in the USA, Canada and Brazil and there are subsidiaries in the Middle East and South Africa. Ishida has subsidiaries throughout Asia, including India, China, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. Manufacturing facilities are currently in the UK, Japan, China, Korea and Brazil. Ishida equipment is distributed in Australia primarily by Heat and Control, and in New Zealand by Gilbarco on the retail side and Heat and Control for the manufacturing equipment.

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