Digiweigh Scales

Digiweigh Scales

Digiweigh Scales is a high technology manufacturer of scales. The company focuses on the development of digital scales. With a background and experienced of more than a decade in the field the company holds a privileged status and reputation, and it continues innovating and developing high quality and top technology equipment at affordable prices.

The Digiweigh Scales customers acknowledge and appreciate the excellent standards applied in the manufacturing and the quality control processes, which gives out a high value, durable and reliable weighing equipment.

Some of the Digiweigh Scale Equipment available in globind.com are:

Digiweigh Scales DWP-440 / DWP-1100 Bench Scales (440lb / 1100lb)

This is a highly accurate instrument that can meet applications in shipping activities or heavy duty industrial applications. The product features a high quality strain gauge load system, along with an extremely stable stainless steel platform.

Some of the DWP-440 features are:

  • The DWP-440 is equipped with an easy to read LCD display with an EL backlight.
  • Built in, rechargeable battery makes the unit portable – a 110V cord is included for continuous operability.
  • Programmable alarm allows the operator to be notified whenever a certain weight is reached.

Digiweigh Scales DW-94C Counting Scales (3 kg to 30 kg)

This is a very versatile solution for industrial applications. One of the advantages of using Digiweigh DWP-94C Counting Scale is that you can get separate display for showing the unit weight as well as the total weight and the count of the materials. This product is widely accepted and recognized for its durability and excellent performance.

Some of the DW-94C features are:

  • Separate displays show unit weight, total weigh, and material count.
  • Large LCD display prevents mistakes.
  • Numerous adding and counting functions make keeping track easy.
  • Equipped with rechargeable batteries with power chord included.
  • Stainless Steel Platform.

Digiweigh Scales DWP-5000F Floor Scales (5000 lb)

This heavy duty equipment is ideal for portable applications. Four high quality NTEP approved alloy load cells ensure accuracy in full capacity range.

Some of the DWP-500F important features are:

  • Three size available 2 ‘ X 2 ‘, 3 ‘ x 3 ‘, 4 ‘ x 2 ‘, 4 ‘ x 4 ‘, 5 ‘ x 5 ‘.
  • High weight capacity – 5000 Lb load limit
  • Selectable Weighing units (lb-kg)
  • NTEP weight indicator with easy to read LCD display. Indicator includes a DC adapter as well as a vehicle adapter for easy transportation to field applications.
  • Weight indicator comes with a 15 foot quick release cable, which adds to versatility and ease of use.
  • Designed to resist moisture and provide years of accurate service.
  • Optional Ramp Available for easy access to the platform

The Digiweigh Scale products are waiting to meet all your requirements and fit your budget in any application, under any environment, and on any capacity range. 

Contact Us for additional technical guidance and information about these products or any product in the ample stock we have here in globind.com. We have a staff of efficient professionals just waiting to help you choose the right solution for your weighing system!!

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