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Coti Global Sensors is a manufacturer of load cells. The company certifications include NTEP and Factory Mutual Approvals. The company products include a wide variety of load cell types that include:

  • Single Point Load Cells
  • Double Ended Beam Load Cells
  • Compression Canisters
  • Single Ended Beam Load Cells
  • S-type beam load cells

We are going to describe briefly some of the Coti Global Sensors products that we offer here in

Coti Global Sensors CG-1130 Single Point Load Cells (7.5 kg to 100 kg)

The single point load cells offer the great advantage of being moment auto-cancelling. This characteristics yield more flexibility to the location of the force applied to the cell. Generally speaking, it is convenient to make the action line of the load coincide with the center line of the cell or the point specified by the manufacturer. The CG-1130 Single Point Load Cell is a Stainless Steel product with capacity options that include: 7.5 kg, 15 kg, 30 kg, 50 kg, and 100 kg.

Coti Global Sensors CG-5103 Double-Ended Beam Load Cell (5 Klb to 250 Klb)

This is a durable high capacity product, with capacity options that range from 5 klb to 250 klb. The product exhibits NTEP and U.S. FM approvals certifications. Manufactured in high quality Alloy Steel and with Accuracy Class IIIL this products presents a resistant and precise solutions for applications like Truck Scales and heavy Tank Weighing Systems.

Coti Global Sensors CG-1211 Compression Canister Load Cell (5 Klb and 10 Klb)

This product is a high capacity solution that can be implemented as a Weight Totalizer and other applications where high capacity compression load cell are required. It has Stainless Steel Construction, which makes this product a practical solution for harsh environments with presence of corrosion and moisture.

Coti Global Sensors CG-23 Single-Ended Beam Load Cell (100 lb To 20 KLb)

This product is specially designed for low profile applications where height is compromised. Among these applications are the low profile scales and floor scales. The capacity options are numerous and range from a 100 lb model to the 20 klb model. The product holds NTEP and U.S. FM approvals. This Alloy Steel product meets and exceeds all standards and is a practical solution for vast amount situations.

Coti Global Sensors CGSB S-Beam Load Cell (25 lb to 40 klb)

The s-type load cells are a versatile and practical solution for both tension and compression applications. The capacity options of the CGSB S-Beam are many and range from a light application oriented 25 lb product to a high capacity 40 klb product. It features NTEP and FM approvals.

All the Coti Global Sensors products exhibit great levels of accuracy and high resistant construction. These products can cover a wide range of industrial applications, and the capacity options for each product are numerous, so the customer can choose the product according to the best fit option and within the budget restrictions.

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