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Condec Instrumentation is a division of Rice Lake Weighing Systems. Condec Instrumentation designs, manufactures and distributes high quality Pressure and Weight Indicators, Digital Pressure Gauges, Pressure Regulators, and Mechanical and Digital Pressure Controllers. With an experience of decades in the field, Condec Instrumentation is one of the most important manufacturers of precision weighing instrumentation solutions.

Condec Instrumentation is a brand with a true commitment to quality and high technology approach. Each one of its products exhibit excellent levels of accuracy and high resistant and durable constructions. The Condec Instrumentation products have recognition and acceptance in the industrial and technical field, and the company has a privileged place as a leader in the business.

Among the products available in stock here in by Condec Instrumentation we can mention the Condec™ UMC600 Programmable Weight Indicator.

Rice Lake/Condec UMC 600 Digital Weight Indicator

A Weight Indicator is a device that gives a reading related to a weighing measuring process. This device allows the user to know the values of the weight being measured. From a technical point of view the Weight Indicator consists of a configuration of electronic components that receives an electrical signal from an external source and transform it into visual information that can be read on a screen. Today, the vast majority of these devices work with microprocessors.

The Weight Indicator is a rectangular box that with construction in a wide variety of materials from Plastic to Stainless Steel depending on the final application purpose. The device has a LED screen or an LCD screen to show the information of interest: the value of weight of some particular material or body in study. It also has a keypad with different buttons and controllers for configurations of modes and others operation options. The Weight Indicator has a panel (generally on the back of the instrument) for the connection of the weight sensors from which it receives the weight information signal.

Some aspect about the Weight Indicator has to be clearly understood: the Weight Indicator is just a mean to know the value of a quantity (in this case weight) being measured by an external sensor and send to it via an electronic configuration. The weight sensors interacting with the Weight Indicator are called load cells. Together (load cell and weight indicator), set up a weight transducer. The Weight Indicator serves also as is understandable as a force or pressure indicator.

Condec UMC 600 Digital Weight Indicator Technical Specifications

The Condec Instrumentation UMC 600 is a versatile product that finds application in a wide variety of automation situations. It has a Stainless Steel Enclosure with a Stainless Steel mounting base. The user can see the information in an easy-to-read and high quality LED Display.

Some of its technical features are:

  • Surge protection board
  • Auto/manual batching modes
  • 80,000 display graduations available
  • RFI/EMI shielded
  • Easy digital configuration and calibration
  • Four control inputs/outputs
  • Truck in/out weighing mode, 300 truck ID storage
  • One 10-digit accumulator
  • 5-point linearization
  • Keyboard customized serial output
  • Time and date
  • Front panel key lockout
  • Temperature compensated – 18ºF to 104ºF (-10ºC to 40ºC)

The Condec Instrumentation UMC 600 is a great solution for Truck Scales applications.

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