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The Citizen Group is a manufacturer of weighing technology oriented mostly to Laboratory applications, industry, and jewelry. The company is a leading manufacturer with a background of most than 25 years developing, manufacturing and marketing top quality weighing technology. The Citizen Scales are one of the lines manufactured by the Citizen Group. Most of the Citizen Scales products have NTEP and OIML certificates.

Among the products manufactured by Citizen Scales and that we have in stock here in are:

  • Economy Scales
  • Counting Scales
  • Crane Scales
  • Bench Scales
  • Price Computing Scales

We are going to present next a few examples of the quality and technological reach of the Citizen Scales line particularly:

Citizen Scales CT Series – Economy Scale (2100 gm)

This is an affordable solution for applications like jewelry and light weighing. Some of the features of this product are: fastest response with time which makes it highly stable; built in RS 232 interface for Data Output, integrated overload protection, and fully automatic calibration.

Citizen Scales CIT Series Counting Scale (Table Top) (3 kg to 30 kg)

This product offers features like selectable weighing units (gm/kg/ounce/Lb), AC/Rechargeable battery operation, and Large LCD Display with auto backlite display. The capacity options include: 3kg/6lb, 6kg/12lb, 15kg/30lb, and 30kg/60lb.

Citizen Scales Ha Series Crane Scales (150 kg/300 Lb to 600 kg/1200 Lb)

This is a medium capacity and high quality scale that can have place in any situation where the displacement of overhead loads is needed. The product presents a rugged heavy duty design. It features a 1” LED Display for easy reading and remote control. A built-in rechargeable battery allows continuous operation for 150 hours. The Citizen Ha Series has a safe overload of 200%.

Citizen Scales CTB/CTBF Series Electronic Platform & Bench Scale (30 Kg / 60 Lb to 5000 kg/10000 lb)

This is a medium to high capacity product that features a water proof design, which makes it ideal for wet applications. It has selectable weighing units (Kg/lb). It also features standard RS-232 and printer port. The product exhibits high accuracy level combined with a high quality and durable body.

Citizen Scales CTP Series Price Computing Scale (15kg/30lb, 30kg/60lb)

This is a product ideal for pay-per-weight menus restaurant, grocery stores, and other applications where the price has to be related to the weight being measured. The product features LCD Display with auto backlight. RS-232 communication port and printer port are optional. The CTP series offers AC/rechargeable battery and tare/accumulation functions.

With its extensive experience background in weighing technology and solutions Citizen Scales maintains its leadership over the years, and has demonstrated consistently the high quality and high technological approach in every one of its products.

Here in we have a vast amount of weighing equipment and solutions just waiting to meet our customers’ requirements in any field, any budget and any capacity range.

Contact us for more information about any of the products just described or any other particular product. We can also offer you technical advisory about weighing systems configurations and systems!!

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