Celtron Load Cells

Celtron Load Cells

Celtron Load Cells is a division of a Technology Company Group called Vishay Precision Group. Celtron Load Cells is widely recognized and accepted in the Load Cell Market today due to its accurate and high quality products. The Celtron Load Cell division as well as the other Vishay Precision Group Divisions has a strong commitment to the constant innovations of standard and custom products and solutions in a wide variety of applications.

Here at globind.com we have an important stock of Celtron Load Cells solutions to an ample spectrum of industrial and technical situations. Some of these products are:

Celtron Load Cells CLB Double-Ended Beam, Alloy Steel (20 klb To 125 klb)

This is a precision Double Ended Center Link product with Nickel-plated Alloy Steel construction. The product also exhibits Accuracy Class IIIL and NETP certificate. The Celtron CLB offers a reliable solution with good lateral restraint. This factor is very important because in many cases it eliminates the use of check rods in the system. The product features IP65 rating which means great protection against water and moisture.

Among its applications are: Truck/rail scales, Silo, hopper, and tank weighing, Fork-lift scales

Celtron Load Cells STC S-Beam, Alloy Steel (250 lb to 40,000 lb / 113.4 kg to 18,144 kg)

This is a versatile product that can work as a solution in both tension and compression configurations. This particular product comes in Nickel-plated High Alloy Steel construction. It also offers a great protection against water and moisture with its IP67 rate.

Some of the Celtron STC S-Beam applications are:

  • Electro-mechanical conversion scales
  • Silo, hopper, and tank weighing
  • Crane scales
  • Fork-lift scales
  • Dosing and filling
  • Tensile and pulling force measurement

Celtron Load Cells SQB Single-Ended Shear Beam Alloy Steel (500 lb to 20,000 lb / 226.8 kg to 9071.9 kg)

The SQB is a single-ended shear beam load cell designed for multiple cell applications. Among these applications are the low profile platforms and the small tank scales. With its Nickel-plated Steel Alloy Construction and its IP67 rating, this product offers great resistance against humidity and moisture and it can be used indoors and outdoors.

Some of the Celtron SQB Single-Ended Shear Beam Applications are:

  • Truck/rail scales
  • Silo/hopper/tank weighing
  • Platform scales (multiple load cells)
  • Pallet truck scales
  • Packaging machines

Celtron Load Cells HOC Single Point Aluminum (750 kg to 2000 kg)

The Celtron HOC Single Point is a high quality and high accuracy product with capacity options of 750 kg, 1000 kg, and 2000 kg. It features Anodized Aluminum Construction fully sealed and with IP66 rating. This last characteristic makes this product a great solution for outdoors implementation. It can meet and exceed any High Capacity Single Point requirements.

Some of the applications of the Celtron HOC Single Point are:

  • Platform scales (single load cell)
  • Packaging machines
  • Dosing/filling
  • Belt scales/conveyor scales

The products just described are just a few examples of all the wide variety of solutions that Celtron Load Cells has to offer and that we in globind.com have in stock.

Contact us for additional technical information and prices of these and others products by Celtron Load Cells we have in stock!!

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