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Cas Scales is a manufacturer of industrial and commercial scales. The Company has an ISO 9001 certificate and an experience of more than 30 years developing and commercializing a wide variety of high quality products that can meet an ample range of weighing situations and environments. The company has presence in more than 120 countries.

Cas Scales’s products have been proven reliable and high quality. Among the products manufactured by the company we have:

  • Crane Scales
  • Food Service Scales
  • Weighing Platforms
  • Bench Scales

Next we are going to describe some examples that exhibit all the quality, excellent performance, and high profile technical characteristics of Cas Scales products.

Cas Scales Caston II Crane Scale (1000 lb to 10000 lb)

All the products by Cas Scales in the line of Crane Scales are Heavy Duty equipment built to last, and the Caston II Crane Scale is not the exception. This is an easy to use product with capacity options that range from 1000 lbs to 10000 lbs; also the rugged Cast Aluminum Case is very durable and resistant.

Other important features of the Caston II Crane Scale are:

  • 1.2 “ red LED Display
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Auto Zero Tracking
  • Full Tare Subtraction

Cas Scale RW – P Road Weigher Platform & Indicator

This is a vehicle axle scale designed for portability and for versatility, since various configurations can be achieved by combining two or more of this Scale. It comes with the RW-2601P Indicator. The product is ideal for Mobile and Field Weight Inspections. The capacity options available are 20000 lb x 10 lb and 30000 lb x 20 lb. This product is a low profile and lightweight solution with a 1.5” height, ideal for those situations where space is an issue.

The scale features solid rubber ramps for adherence, industrial paint and aluminum alloy chassis.

Some of the RW2601P indicator highlights are:

  • LCD with Backlight
  • Hi-Speed Dot Matrix Printer
  • Built-in Battery and Charger

The combination overall exhibits great accuracy and top quality technology.

CAS Scales LP-1000NP Label Printing Scales and Food Services Scales

This is a high quality products and the most popular printing scale of Cas Scales. The LP-1000NP is an easy to use scale with many interesting features. Among its applications we can mention: convenience stores, bakery, stores in general and more.

Some of the excellent features of this product are:

  • Legal for Trade
  • Includes RS232 interface
  • Free software included
  • 4000 PLU (item) capacity
  • Continuous strip label
  • Print ingredients with labels 8000 & 8010
  • Print label with backing paper
  • Net weight statement
  • Pre-pack mode for automatic weighing / labeling
  • High speed printer
  • Print detailed reports on label of full page
  • Diagnostic feature
  • Options: pole mount, interface cable, optional 2nd platter with drainage hole, and keyboard wet cover

All the Cas Scales products are top quality products, and here in we have a wide variety of these products just waiting to meet your requirements.

Contact us for technical advice and further information about these and other products.

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