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BLH Load Cells

BLH Load cell is a weighing systems manufacturer with a background of more than 50 years. Its sensor transducers products have wide acceptance and recognition for their high quality and high accuracy. Specifically the BHL Load Cells line has met with great acceptance for its excellent performance. The BLH Load Cell products exhibit great engineering value and great reliability due to their high level technological approach and their rigorous quality control procedures.

The constant innovation and the uninterrupted interaction with the customers have been a fundamental factor in the privileged place that BLH Load Cells has in the Load Cell transducers market. The BLH Load Cells products can satisfy successfully many different technical weighing applications like, scientific, and industrial field such as Steel Industry, weigh Food Processing Industry, and Pharmaceutical Industry among others.

BLH Load Cells C2P1 Compression Canister load cell, Alloy Steel (20 klb to 200 klb)

This load cells product’s design allows various types of weighing and force measurement. C2P1 load cells meet or exceed NIST Handbook 44 requirements and are Factory Mutual approved. The C2P1 has also NTEP certificates. This is a high quality cell product with a very good frequency response and low deflection. It features NEMA 6 environmentally protection and IP67 ratings. The material of construction is a High-Alloy Steel with a final Epoxy Coat.

BLH Load Cells C3P1 Compression Canister, Alloy Steel cell(500 lb to 10,000 lb)

The C3P1 sensor cell is a product with high strength ‘ring’ type elements to provide an output signal of 3 mV / V at its rated capacity. The BLH load cell product has the advantages of a low deflection load cell with a safe overload of 150%. It has an excellent frequency response. The C3P1 transducer is a compact and rugged product, and features environmentally seal and with IP67 rating. It also has NTEP certificate of conformance by

BLH Load Cells T3P1 Tension Canister, Alloy Steel (500 lb to 10,000lb)

This is a Transducer sensor cell weigh sensor product that works great in both tension and compression configurations. With an Alloy Steel body, the load cell transductor sensor product is compact and rug, and also environmentally sealed. Among its applications we can mention: Dynamometers, Tensile Testing, Tension and Compression Weighing. It features a 150 safe overload.

BLH Load Cells T2P1 Tension Canisters, Alloy Steel (20,000 lb to 50,000 lb)

This high alloy-epoxy coated product cell is ideal for high capacity tension applications. This product is a column type load cell which design allows a 150 % safe overload and a 300 % ultimate overload. The T2P1 Tension Canister load cell is ideal for Tensile Testing, Crane Scales, Grain Silos, and Suspended Vessels with load cells.

BLH Load Cells is in constant improvement and innovation for globind load cells, and its products are the result of high engineering weighing technologies in combination with high standards manufacturing procedures, and rigorous weighing Quality Control approach.

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