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Artech Industries is one of the major suppliers of Strain Gauge Load Cells, Force Transducers and other products related to the weighing measurement field. Its high quality manufacturing standards, engineering innovations, and rigorous quality control procedures have earned the company a respectable and privileged place among the Load Cells manufacturers worldwide.

Among the products we have in stock by Artech Industries we can enumerate the following ones:

  • Large variety of FM and NTEP approved load cells which includes:
    I. S-type Load Cells
    II. Single Point Load Cells
    III. Single Ended Beam Load Cells
    IV. Double Ended Shear Beam Load Cells
    V. Compression Canister Load Cells
  • Weight Modules and Kits
  • Instrumentation
  • Hardware and Accessories

We here in have in stock a wide variety of Load Cells and Mounting Kits of all capacities and physical configurations to help our customers find solutions in their respective applications.

We are going to describe next a few ones of the products manufactured by Artech Industries in the Load Cells Category:

Artech Industries 30410 Single Ended Beam (1 klb to 10 klb):

This is a versatile and low cost load cell, especially designed for single ended load link. The movable link help reduce excessive side loads and reading errors. This is a highly resistant alloy steel product that can satisfy tank weighing applications.

Some of the technical features are:

  • Complete environmental protection
  • NTEP certified and Class III/IIIL
  • Exceeds all NIST H-44 requirements
  • Low cost
  • Stainless Steel version available
  • 20 foot cable comes with the product

Artech Industries SS70210 Stainless Steel Double Ended Shear Beam (5 klb To 250 kLb):

This is a high quality and high technology low profile load cell manufactured in Stainless Steel. This last characteristic makes it ideal for application in highly corrosive environment and sanitary applications. It has IP67 rating, and also offers the advantage of the availability in the market of a wide variety of accessories to match with in weighing assemblies. All its characteristics make this product ideal for Truck Scales and low Profile Tank Weighing Assemblies.

Artech Industries 90510/90515 Tension/Compression Canister Load Cell (90510-2 Mv/V, 90515-3 Mv/V) (100 lb to 100 klb):

This is a high capacity load cell that for both tension and compression weighing configurations. Despite being a Canister Type Load Cell its internal construction is with a pair of cantilever arrangement in order to guarantee linearity. It has hermetic seal and a Stainless Steel case version is available. Among its applications are Tank Weighing and Scales conversions.

Artech Industries WM-III Truck/Track Weighing Module (20000lb – 200000lb):

The WM-III Weighing Module is a ready-application design that utilizes double ended shear beams and is ideal for Truck and Track weighing applications. The weight module is available in mild steel or stainless steel. It is a low profile assembly that allows certain flexibility to any weighing system, and offers the advantage of being easy to install.

The products above are just a few examples of the technological capacity and high quality of Artech Industries products.

Contact us for additional technical information about these products and other Artech Industries products!!

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