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Anyload is a manufacturing company that specializes in the development and production of weighing components like scales and load cells. The Anyload products have recognition and acceptance in a wide range of industrial and technical applications. Anyload has also an ISO 9001 certificate. The company is fully committed to quality, with a high technical approach and in constant innovation. Anyload is devoted to meet and exceed all the international weighing standards and features in most of its products the OIML and NTEP certificates.

Here in we have in stock a wide variety of product by Anyload. These are top notch equipment with excellent manufacturing quality standards and with high technology, resulting in products with great performance and durability.

Among the products that we have in stock by Anyload are: Load Cells, Test Weights, Weight Indicators and Displays, Junction Boxes, Dial Scales, Module Weights, and Hardware and Accessories.

Next, we are going to describe briefly some examples of these products:

Anyload 102BS Double Ended Beam Load Cell, Stainless Steel (10 klb to 100 kLb):

This is a high quality product that can handle a range of capacities from 10 klb to 100 klb. The product has Stainless Steel construction and features IP68 rating. With a safe overload of 150 % and a breaking overload of 300 %, the product design allows center link loading applications and features also OIML and NTEP certificates. It can meet implementations in Truck Scales, Tank Weighing Systems, and other applications taking place in weighing assemblies.

Anyload 805BS Weighing Indicator:

This is a versatile and general purpose Weight Indicator with high accuracy and high reliability with a wash down enclosure of Stainless Steel. The 805BS is ideal for food, medicine, and other portion-related activities. The 805BS has NEMA and NTEP IIIL certifications. It features IP66 ratings.

It features many important characteristics like the followings:

  • Units of measurements conversion (kg, lb, g, oz, lb:oz)
  • LCD 6-digits Display
  • Power Supply: AC adaptor or rechargeable lithium batteries 7.2 V/2000 mA
  • Equipped with RS-232 connecting port
  • Print functions with programmable print format

Anyload 102BHM1 Cast Iron Weigh Module (10 klb to 200 klb):

This is a weighing assembly which design satisfies compression configurations, and primarily on tank weighing industrial applications. This ready-application is comes with a center loaded double ended shear beam and has a high resistant Alloy Steel body. It features a self-aligning link design that allows multi-directional movements. Its installation is very easy and quick. This product is ideal for any situation where high capacity compression weighing solutions are needed.

All these products above are high quality and high technology solutions for a multiple variety of situations. The products above are just a few of the multiple solutions by Anyload in the Weighing field.

You can check out the rest of the products here in, and find the best solution for your requirements in any of the applications you need, in any range of capacity and whatever type of product you are looking for. Contact Us!!

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