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AmCells is a highly innovative company with a wide variety of products in the Load Cell category. The company’s commitment to quality standards and top of the line technology makes its products a very respectable option. The Company has presence in many technical fields. AmCells Load Cells has achieved over the years the goal of presenting highly engineered products. These products can meet a wide range of applications and at the same time maintaining competitive prices in its lines.

Among the types of products we have in stock from AmCells in the Load Cells Category we can name: Double Ended Shear Beam Load Cell, S-type Load Cells, Single Ended Shear Beam, Compression Canister Load Cells, and Single Point Load Cells.

Some of the products we offer from this manufacturer are the following:

AmCells Load Cells Double Ended Shear Beam Load Cell T103:

This is a very robust mid to high capacity product with capacity options that range from 5 klb to 150 klb. It meets all OIML and HB44 III standards. It can meet a wide variety of industrial situations like hanging scales, truck scales, and tank and hopper weighing systems.

AmCells Load Cells S-type Load Cell STS:

The STS features capacity options that range from 25 lb to 40 klb. This is a very versatile product that can satisfy both tension and compression weighing configurations. The product features Stainless Steel construction, and it meets all standards and requirements of OIML and HB44. It is ideal for a broad spectrum of situations like tank and hopper tension weighing, cable tension, and hanging scales among others.

AmCells Load Cells Single Ended Shear Beam Load Cell SSB:

This product is manufactured in Alloy Steel and has NTEP certification. It is available in capacity options that range from 100 lb to 20 klb. It is design for floor and platform scales. The applications of the SSB can also meet tank and hopper weighing systems in its higher capacity options.

AmCells Load Cells Single Point Load Cell SPA:

The Single Point Load Cell SPA Series is a family of products in the low capacity category that can be implemented in small platform scales. It has capacity options that go from 5 lb to 200 lb. The single point technology has the advantage of moment cancellation, which gives flexibility to the location of the load.

AmCells Load Cells CPL Compression Canister Load Cell:

This is a high capacity product with capacity options that range from 10 klb to 200 klb. It has a Stainless Steel body and features IP67 certificates due to its completely sealed body and high quality construction. This product is ideal for high capacity truck scales and tank weighing systems.

As you can see the variety of product is much extended, and the products just presented are only a few of the vast amount of options in capacities, characteristics and performances.

Apart from the load cell types mentioned in the beginning, we have in stock other types of products manufactured by AmCells with excellent standards and excellent performance.

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