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Accu-Weigh Scales is a brand with a background of vast experience in the design and development of weighing systems. It has also a large experience background in the field, therefore its products are very reliable and well crafted.

The Accu-Weigh Scales have wide recognition mostly due to their high quality standards and high technological approach.

All the products feature temperature compensation. The external construction of these products is in most cases waterproof and Stainless Steel, therefore they can meet applications in professional kitchens and food processing activities.

Configurations vary from hanging mechanical scales to small platform scales, but all of the products feature high accuracy and excellent performance.

Among the products from Accu-Weigh we can briefly describe the following:

Accu-Weigh Scales HDS hanging Scale:

Nickel-plated steel product that finds use as a regular hanging scale or in any torque measuring situation. It is lightweight and portable, and exhibits a great level of accuracy. Its zero setting mechanism is especially relevant. Capacities are in the range of 18 lb to 330 lb.
Two stainless steel hanger options available: 18” and 12”.

Accu-Weigh Scales M Series Heavy Duty Mechanical Scale:

With capacities ranging from 2 lb to 150 lb, this product provides a wide range of choices that can exceed performance requirements of many applications. It features temperature compensated spring mechanism, an easy-to-read dial; while a shock absorber to control the oscillation of the indicator and a heavy duty steel base are among its prominent characteristic.
Among the top options are: 5 Qt bowl and a Scoop/spider 10”.

Accu-Weigh Scales BDS stainless steel Mechanical Scale:

Stainless steel and water proof product ideal for implementations in fisheries, poultry factory and any other wet environment. Temperature compensated spring mechanism. It features rubber gasket sealing in the head unit. High precision crafted pinion and rack. Capacity options range from 60 lb to 220 lb.

Accu-Weigh Scales CW (N) series Mechanical Scale:

Ideal for portion control, this product represent a very accurate and precise solution, and yet a relative low cost. Available in capacity options that include: 1000 g, 2 lb and 5 lb;. Stainless Steel Construction and Shock absorber device are among its principal characteristics, therefore, this product is ideal either for professional kitchens or for pay by weight restaurants.

As we have just presented there is a wide variety of options in the mechanical scales category by Accu-Weigh Scales. The versatility of these products is especially relevant since many of them can meet domestic and commercial low standard applications, and at the same time they are capable of meet and exceed the requirements of high standards applications like food processing and commercial food activities at high level.

Their response is fast, most of them are lightweight, with stainless steel construction for food applications and wet environments; in addition, there is a wide variety of capacity options.

The accuracy, linearity, resolution and other static characteristics can vary from an instrument to another and depend on the final application intended for each product, consequently there is  wide range of possibilities.

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