Supermarket Scale Salter Brecknell 7680


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Product Description

Supermarket Scale Salter Brecknell 7680

Supermarket Scale Salter Brecknell 7680 Weight Classifier with Quartzell technology provides the most repeatable and accurate weight measurement for mail manifesting or any application requiring high resolution.

Supermarket Scale Salter Brecknell 7680 features

  • Fast Digital Response – The pure digital signal of the Quartzell® transducer provides a virtually instantaneous response that results in improved throughput and increased productivity.
  • Convenient – Allows weighing letters, flats and parcels using one scale.
  • Simple to Use – Reduces operator training time.
  • Easy to Read – Seven digit LCD internal display with large 1/2″ high characters.
  • Durable – DuraBridge® design reduces overall scale deflection when a full load is applied.
  • Combined with overload stops, protects and extends scale life.
  • I/O Port – RS-232 bi-directional, configurable 1200 – 19,200 baud. Transmits weight and scale status whenever “W” command is sent by a host device. High resolution “H” command accesses 10 times displayed resolution.
  • Construction – Stainless steel weigh platter; painted mild steel base enclosure.
  • Controls – ZERO – With Auto Zero Tracking and manual control; UNITS – Switches between lb/lb-oz, lb/kg or lb-oz/kg.
  • Power Supply – Recessed power supply with standard wall plug.

Supermarket Scale Salter Brecknell 7680 options

  • Ball-top Weigh Platter – Simplifies transport of parcels. Ideal for conveyor lines.
  • Remote Display – Seven digit LCD housed in a molded enclosure, 5.46″ W x 2.26″ H x 1″ D with a 7 ft. cable.
  • Display Post – 12″ high post for remote display.
  • RS-232 Cable – 10 ft. long equipped with DB 9-pin female connector at PC end.
  • Power Supply – 230 VAC, 50 Hz power supply. End of cable terminate

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