Precision Digital Weighing Indicator HMB WE2110


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Product Description

Precision Digital Weighing Indicator HMB WE2110

The Precision Digital Weighing Indicator HBM WE2110 is a precision digital indicator using the latest Sigma-Delta A/D converter to ensure extremely fast and accurate weight readings. This advanced technology allows the WE2110 to be configured for up to 100,000 divisions with up to 60 measurements per second.

The WE2110 has extended sensitivity adjustment which can handle scales with outputs ranging from 0.2 to 3.0 mV/V for full range.It is approved for legal for trade scales up to 6000 divisions in single range mode, or 2 x 3000 divisions in dual interval/range operation.

Precision Digital Weighing Indicator HBM WE2110 Key Features:

  • OIML class up to 6000d
  • Multi range / Multi interval 2x 3000d
  • For 8 load cells each 350 & Gross, Net, Tare, Printing
  • 1xRS-232/RS-485 (4-wire)
  • 1xRS-232 printer / 2nd display
  • Panel housing 144×72 (Aluminum)
  • Mains connection 110…260V AC or: 12…24 V DC

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