Mounting load cell Artech SSWM-V Capacities 150K-200K



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Product Description

Mounting load cell Artech WM-V
  • Mount SSWM-V-D
  • This mount is designed to be used with the model 70310
  • Made with Stainless Steel

We have availability of these modules manufactured with stainless steel weighing SSWM-V model and Mounting load cell Artech SSWM-V, both copies with highly resistant durable material. Their physical characteristics enclose a compact practical part, with specific and efficient functions. Mounting load cell Artech SSWM-V tackles intervention in heavy weighing systems, but specific implementation is intended for tank and hopper weighing. Its a timely tool for industrial applications.

Mounting load cell Artech SSWM-V

  • 1K to 200K capabilities
  • Auto-check user-friendly design allows module to be bolted directly to the tank leg without additional mounting plates or load buttons
  • Two ends of beam design
  • Available in steel or stainless steel

Capabilities that supports Mounting load cell Artech SSWM-V. Robust cells.

Mounting load cell Artech SSWM-V is ideal for small applications medium capacity weighing entering range around 1000 pounds to 200,000 pounds. In particular this Single point load cell Artech SSWM-V uses two load cells bar, preferably the model 70510, or any of its interchangeable parts.

Below table below dimensions of Artech SSWM-V, is presented in this mode for quick and easy understanding is as follows

Where I require use of Mounting Artech SSWM-V?

  • Low, medium and high capacity tanks, bins and hoppers
  • Management of bulk materials
  • Wet & Dry ingredients dosing, mixing and blending

How I install Mounting load cell Artech SSWM-V? Our load cells are easy and quick installation!

This Single point load cell Artech SSWM-V is considered easy design because it allows a fast, direct through the leg screw tank installation without additional mounting plates or load buttons. Thereof, this module provides coating load cells fixed on inside, is conditioned withst adverse environmental conditions, while preserving its integrity.

What is IP67 protection for Mounting load cell Artech SSWM-V?

These IP acronym refers in English “Ingress Protection”, in Spanish “degree protection”. This term describe an alpha-numeric electronic equipment according degree protection, provided integrally product a computer or against foreign material adverse environmental conditions different way.

IP number, first refers protection against solid objects, second against liquids. Whe higher is the number, better the protection.

This equipment in specific, has degree protection stands IP67, we can deduce that the device enjoys full protection against dust (number “6”) plus it can be submerged in water up meter (number “6”).


Is it possible to replace this Mounting Artech SSWM-V and get the pampering or better results?

Just as this model Artech SSWM-V, there are several load cells able for replace it without any problem, they possess same qualities and same quality of Artech SSWM-V. As an organization we invite you to make the request for advice and free quotes cells required. Addition, to support them to make choices is timely and functional, always adjusting to suit your needs.

Contact, advice, free quotes!!

We have a group of professional highly qualified with long trajectory to its full available, as organization open them doors a countless of opportunities. with regard any choice the product that you requires, based us its need. We offer immediate advice in relation to choice any product related to the market of weigh-in. Contact us through our email addresses or directly in our telephone lines requesting advice and quotes for interchangeable products completely free.

Would you like precision? Tired of highly expensive products? Need quality? A durable, stable product? You’re in the right place!

All shows all brands, are profoundly effective and dependable items since we save the best materials only for you. All our load cells Sentronik are warranty.


Mounting load cell Artech WM-V are one of the best on the market this days.What are you waiting for ?

Mounting load cell Artech SSWM-V are one of the best on the market this days. What are you waiting for ?


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