Mounting kit load cell Artech SSWM-I Capacities 5K(LE)-10K



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Product Description


      • Mount SSWM-I-B
      • This mount is designed to use with the model 30210 Shear Beam


The Mounting kit load cell Artech SSWM-I made with stainless steel, is itself a compact, complete and practical weighing system, combining a series of elements in order to the solution Requirement That needs your intervention. Artech WM-I acts directly on the tank or hopper. It is important to note that these load cells of the WM-I structure have a stainless steel housing whose resistance has been tested, and is also high resolution. Its design is especially geared for use in automated processes under industrial environmental conditions and is a resource that is tailored according to the needs of machinery manufacturers and end users in order to cover material.

This module is capable of supporting medium capacities ranging from 250 pounds to 10,000 pounds. This module allows the direct installation of the load cell through a rod, and its fixing by means of screws and washers. From it, this module provides coating of the load cell fixed inside the side load, where it also includes errors caused by thermal expansion in the tank or hopper.

Mounting kit load cell Artech SWM-I characteristics

      • Eliminates checkbars in most applications
      • Chrome plated steel or stainless steel
      • Mounts directly to tank or hopper

Where can I make use of this Mounting kit load cell Artech SSWM-I? Our cells are used wherever you need them!

The Artech offers a wide range of tension weighing assemblies suitable for specific applications related to scale conversions, chemical plants, process control, hopper and tank weighing processes. This tension load design ensures correct load alignment and is ideal for medium to low capacity in tank and hopper weighing. It has Teflon insulation combined with a ground braid that protects the load cell from ground currents and electrostatic charge.

Artech SSWM-I Capacities

      • 5K(LE)to 10K

What is IP67 Protection for Mounting kit load cell Artech SSWM-I?

These IP acronym refers in English “Ingress Protection”, in Spanish “degree protection”. This term is used for describe an alpha-numeric electronic equipment according degree protection, provided integrally product a computer or against foreign material adverse environmental conditions different way.
IP number is composed with two numbers, first refers protection against solid objects, second against liquids. Whe higher is the number, better the protection.

This equipment in specific, has degree protection stands IP67, we can deduce that the device enjoys full protection against dust (number “6”) plus it can be submerged in water up meter (number “6”).


Easy and Quick Installation of the Artech SSWM-I !

The module allows the direct installation of the load cell through its fixing using screws and washers. Likewise, this Artech WM-I mounting load cell provides coating and protection of the load cell fixed inside.

The assembly is designed for use with bar load cells, whose total “A” dimension mounting length is based on Artech model 20.210 and will change according to the load cells used. The Mounting kit load cell Artech WM-I charging cell can also be used with the load cell models 90510 and 90515.

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Mounting kit load cell Artech SSWM-I are one of the best on the market this days.What are you waiting for ?


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