Hanging Mechanical Scale Accu-weigh CKS


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Product Description

Hanging Mechanical Scale Accu-weigh CKS

The Hanging Mechanical Scale Accu-weigh CKSof hanging dial scales have many applications. They can be used for general weighing or to measure tension, pull or torque. All models are equipped with fine tooth racks, machine cut precision pinions and dual springs to provide the greatest possible accuracy. Made of steel with nickel or zinc plating on all of the internal mechanisms for maximum protection against corrosion.

No special tools are required to access the weighing mechanism, making service and calibration easy to perform. The chart and fine point indicator are protected by a clear, shatterproof plastic cover. There are no weights to handle or slide. Direct weight readings translate into fast, error free weighing on Hanging Mechanical Scale Accu-weigh CKS

Hanging Mechanical Scale Accu-weigh CKS features

  • Rugged, All Steel Construction
  • Lightweight – Portable
  • Fine Point Indicator for Accuracy
  • Accurate – Dual Spring Mechanism
  • Easy to Read
  • Zero Setting Mechanism

Hanging Mechanical Scale Accu-weigh CKS options

  • Galvanized Oval Scoop with chain (for CKM-720 & CKM-710K only)
  • Stainless Steel Round Pan and 18” Hanger
  • Stainless Steel Round Pan and 12” Hanger

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