Formula Control Bench Scale Doran FC6200

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Product Description

Formula Control Bench Scale Doran FC6200
Formula Control Bench Scale Doran FC6200

Introducing Formula Control Bench Scale Doran FC6200 , your ideal solution for production control and traceability of bulk and minor ingredients that meets the mandated requirements of the Bioterrorism Act, Section 306 (BTA) and HACCP. Once the FC6200 is in place, your plant will run more efficiently, and the extensive reporting meets the requirements for ingredient lot number tracking.

With over 30 years of experience in food environments, Doran’s FC6200 will be your choice as it survives the harsh environment of food processing and is simple to operate. Enclosed in a washdown safe NEMA4X / IP67 enclosure, the full color LCD display is protected with a thick Lexan® panel bolted and glued in place to prevent damage.

Formula Control Bench Scale Doran FC6200 specifications

  • Capacity (Max): 100lb
  • Display Readability (d): 0.02lb
  • Weighing Units Ounces (oz), Kilograms (kg), Pounds (lb)
  • IP-Rating (waterproofing) IP-65
  • Power 115VAC, 50/60 Hz (230 VAC Optional)
  • Connectivity RS232
  • Platform Size 18 in. x 24 in.

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