Floor Scale Digiweigh Dwp-5000f

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Product Description

Floor Scale Digiweigh Dwp-5000f

Floor Scale Digiweigh Dwp-5000f is ideal for portable applications – it easily fits most trucks, making it the perfect option for offsite work. The unit’s capabilities make it an excellent choice for heavy duty work.

DIGIWEIGH product line includes over one hundred quality digital weighing solutions. These include industrial scales, products like Floor Scale Digiweigh Dwp-5000f, view stainless steel scales, generic pallet jack scale, hospital truck scales, counting scales, bench scales, and lab balances. They also include consumer and scientific scales: jewelry scales, postal scales, and body fat analyzers.

DIGIWEIGH is the leader in integrated computer science and wireless technology for scales. With our focus on digital weighing solutions in the United States for the last 10 years, our experience puts us ahead of the competition. We make technology affordable and available for every type of business.

Floor Scale Digiweigh Dwp-5000f features:

  • This is a heavy duty scale. The scale itself weights 300 lbs.
  • Four high quality NTEP approved alloy load cells ensures accuracy in full capacity range.
  • Standard 4′ x 4′ size.
  • 5000lbs High weighing capacity.
  • 0.25″ deck plate with lifting eyes, well painted.
  • NTEP approved High quality indicator.
  • LB/KG selectable.
  • Tare function covers unit’s full capacity range.
  • 15′ cable for indicator.
  • Optional Ramp available.

Floor Scale Digiweigh Dwp-5000f specifications:

Floor Scale Digiweigh Dwp-5000f

Would you like precision? Tired of highly expensive products? Need quality? A durable, stable product? You’re in the right place!

Here you will find the best load cell, all models all brands, are highly efficient and long-lasting products because we reserve the best materials just for you. All our Floor Scale are guaranteed.

Floor Scale Digiweigh Dwp-5000f are one of the best on the market this days. What are you waiting for ?


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